In Transit we believe the design phase of a project is one of the most crucial part of a successful solution and design can not be successfully done without a robust planning process. The planning process is where all of your requirements for the cost,time and end results are developed. To ensure a successful solution is given to you, we work with you to plan out every detail of your project and ensure your expectations are met. We want you to be happy with the project before, during and after the project completion.

The Discovery Phase

Our team begins by looking at your requirements and understanding them. If a consultation is required a member of our team would contact you to ensure both the parties are on the same page. What we discuss will depend on the type of the project you are looking to complete but a few examples of items we look at given below

  • Security System Design
  • Security Systems Audit
  • Public Safety & CCTV Surveillance

Defining goals Phase

Once we fully understand your requirement and the environment of the project. We can discuss the end goals of your project. This includes:

  • Project timeline
  • Your budget
  • The number of locations
  • Hardware and safety standards
  • Preferred products
  • Documentation requirements
  • Your industry compliance requirements (such as HIPPA)
  • Technician certifications
  • Future maintenance recommendations

We understand that our customers can face challenges when it comes to budget and time. Our job is to design a project that is best suited per your constraints and does not sacrificed your priorities.