Deployment of fire & safety trained security staff, Training of security staff for firefighting, safe work under “Permit to Work System”, Installation of security systems, Repair & Maintenance of security systems. Supported by highly accomplished crew of employees, we are rendering Security Systems Repair and Maintenance Services.

These provided services are delivered under the stern supervision of adroit personnel as per set industry principles. In addition to this, these provided services are attributed amid our client for reliability and cost effectiveness.

We offer rapid response to security maintenance issues to help ensure minimal downtime of your security systems. Our highly specialized, local maintenance teams offer fast maintenance, repair and replacement of security systems, devices and components for intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, fire detection and elevator security systems, allowing you to minimize security interruptions. We offer telephone and web-based maintenance scheduling on a 24-hour basis.

Why is the maintenance of security systems important?

Every home and business is susceptible to the possibility of unauthorized access and break-ins. Security systems such as CCTV and access control are vital safeguards that shouldn’t be overlooked. However, a security system needs to be well maintained in order to ensure that it is fully functional. At Transit Electronics Technologies we believe that prevention is better than the cure, and it’s essential to monitor all systems. If a break-in occurs, you will likely need to make a claim via your insurance company. If it emerges that you had not maintained your security systems, insurers may be less willing to provide you with a payout for damages and losses.

Transit Electronics Technologies is committed to providing excellent customer service; our business provides a customer-centric experience, believing the quality of our service ensures we will succeed and grow. The customer service team is a totally dedicated resource operating independently from the installation and commissioning departments, allowing high levels of service and customer back-up.