At Transit, we understand your needs to live an easy, comfortable and secure life. Transit uses morden edge technology in order to make those needs a reality. With 30 years of experience in the field of low voltage systems we desired to understand all your requirements and give you the best possible options. Thanks to our state of the art application all our processes could be done through it, making communication between you and our teams more efficient.


At Transit we focus on putting our customers first and always pushing ourselves to excel. We celebrate the work work put in and provide support during trying times. We understand the importance of family, personal growth and finding joy in life. When you join our team you are not just a number but an invaluable asset to our success.We pride ourselves on being a flexible, motivating workplace with opportunity for upward mobility.


Our team is composed of both office employees and field technicians.The office operations are centred around customer relations, solution design and preparation, and innovation. Our field team is composed of certified, subject matter experts who are deployed to install our solutions. Our field and office employees work together hand-in-hand to provide top notch services and solutions to our customers.


At transit we encourage initiatives. New ideas and creativity are encouraged at every level of position. This pushes our business forward and helps us to provide the best solutions for our customers.


We believe intrinsic motivation plays a huge role in the performance of an employee. Thereby we encourage having fun together and create things to look forward to.


Planning and Designing

In Transit we believe the design phase of a project is one of the most crucial part of a successful solution and design can not be successfully done without a robust planning process.

Planning and Designing1


Once the planning and designing part has been completed. Our specialist technicians would start the installation process at your premises as per the design concluded in the previous stage.solution and design can not be successfully done without a robust planning process.

Planning and Designing1


We have developed an effective complaint management platform for you. Wherein complaints and responses to complaints would be promptly attended to and could be tracked be necessary.