Our Expertise

One of the most important reasons for using the services of a consultant is to receive completely unbiased and objective advice and at Transit that is what we provide. Our Security consultation services cover:

  • Security System Design
  • Security Systems Audit
  • Public Safety & CCTV Surveillance

Most Electronic Security companies have preferred products that they highlight in the best possible way so it is difficult for a customer to differentiate between the claims of competing installation companies. In addition most installation companies usually sales are done by professionals who may have varying degrees of technical knowledge. So it is often seen that the Right specs, Right products and Right designs are not specified.

Here we enter the picture as a consultant to help you to design an electronic security system that truly meets your "need" with "Requirements".

Transit has two decades of experience in the design of security alarms, access control, fire detection & suppression, CCTV, explosive detection and monitoring facilities. Our audits of your security system will provide impartial advice on which parts of your system may need upgrading and how best to effect that upgrade plus identify which parts can continue on indefinitely.

Transit also provides technical security consulting services to Public sector and government agencies that are considering the installation of close circuit television (CCTV) cameras and other security systems.

These consulting services include:

  • Evaluation of CCTV software and hardware. Leading clients through the vendor selection process
  • Design of an IP backbone network that includes a robust horizontal data network for CCTV equipment
  • Selection of network infrastructure including routers, switches, and network management software
  • Selection of secondary hardware for managing the CCTV system. These devices include servers for managing digital camera streams, network storage for archiving video, and workstation PCs for viewing and forensic research.
  • Providing insight to next generation systems such as video analyticsso that the CCTV system becomes a proactive system rather than just are active system.
  • Design of monitoring facilities for command center activities.

Designing an optimum solution as per the client need and budget is one of the most important part of security system and we at Transit are masters in doing the same.

Transit Electronics Ltd. will serve your company with a properly designed security system, installed to the highest standards and completed within the set time frame and budget mutually agreed upon.

Also All system installed will be backed up with a twelve month warranty period and later an appropriate annual maintenance package will leave you totally relaxed in this era.

Transit has been pioneer in after Sales Services for all your low-voltage infrastructure systems and related products.

A well trained and expertise team and a well maintained stock is at your service and training center for providing you with technologically updated manpower to maintain systems of any make and model.

  • We undertake Turnkey Contracts for manpower supply in addition to Maintenance of Low- Voltage Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Security and threat perception Audits
  • Employee Training Programmers for various System Operations
  • Service Centre for related Electronic Products

At Transit we have an effective complaint management system, wherein complaints and responses to complaints would be promptly attended to.

24/7 on call Expert team of Engineers backend by user friendly CRM System.

We look forward to serving you better at Transit Electronics Ltd.!!